In 2020, the state of politics was not a champion of civil rights, causing many Americans to foster their voices on their own. The 2020 election and the Black Lives Matter movement were very momentous to civil rights. After the votes were counted, it was found that over 50% of 18-29-year olds voted. These are people from Gen Z. For the most part, the outcome of this election and many notable BLM protests rested in young voters and young people of color. This led the ERA Coalition/Fund for Women’s Equality to hold a Gen Z and ERA Town Hall to take apart the role of Gen Z in the ERA’s ratification.

Our panelists were Caleb Simmons, Rosie Couture, Hailey Dickson, Jude Schroder, and Jules Heningburg. One way or another, each one of our panelists has been involved in the struggle for civil rights through politics. Through various topics, the panelists opened up about what Gen Z can do for the ERA and what the ERA would do for civil rights and equality.  

With Gen Z already being very politically involved, it can only be a fact that Gen Z-ers will become lawmakers and politicians who are defined by their will for civil rights. Or at the very least, go down struggling for civil rights. Our panelists, along with Gen Z-ers everywhere, continue to confirm this!

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