The ERA Coalition’s “ERA Certified” designation will be determined through evaluation of a candidate’s questionnaire response, voting record on related legislation, and publicly available statements.


What does it mean to be “ERA Certified”?

  1. Getting ERA Certified means you believe in the ERA and that you will advocate for it not only during your campaign but also when in office.
  2. Being ERA Certified means you incorporate the ERA into your campaign policies and talking points whenever it is relevant.
  3. Being ERA Certified means you speak up in favor of the amendment when it is brought up.
  4. Being ERA Certified means you publicly acknowledge that you are ERA Certified and support the Equal Rights Amendment publicly, both on your social media and webpage.
  5. It’s possible you may be listed as an “ERA Supporter” based on your survey responses, but still not receive the ERA Certified candidate designation based on other available information.

What will the ERA Coalition do with ERA Certified candidates?

  1. The ERA Coalition will send out timely press releases announcing batches of candidates for office in 2022 who are ERA Certified. This can include local or state press outreach for individual candidates, or ERA Certified candidates in a state or region. (Candidates can see a sample press release below.)
  2. The ERA Coalition will also share announcements of ERA Certified candidates on social media that include our ERA Certified designation badge. (Candidates can see the badge icon below.)
  3. The ERA Coalition may also share news of newly designated candidates with the Coalition supporters email list and Coalition partners on the ground in the states, in accordance with FEC guidelines.

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