In episode 18 of the Equality Talks podcast, host Elisa Parker introduces us to activist, community organizer, and radio host Ary Mondragon-Mimms, co-founder of Dia de los Muertos, D.C. Mondragon has helped bring thousands of people to the National Mall in D.C. to honor and celebrate our ancestors and inspire action and social change through arts and culture. Having engaged with her own fight for freedom in the United States as an immigrant from Mexico she connects with others like herself to ensure they receive the proper resources, tools, support, and protection.

Elisa speaks with Mondragon on the values of honoring our ancestors, our roots, and ultimately, death, in order to honor ourselves and each other in life. They discuss the importance in taking a leap and the courage necessary to land with confidence, and how Mondragon integrates her work through Dia de Los Muertos, D.C. to support immigration reforms, marginalized families, and women's empowerment. She is a wonderful force of light and possibilities, and her enthusiasm for social change is contagious.

Ary Mondragon, Dia de los Muertos, DC

Ariadna Mondragon, also known as Ary, is truly deserving of honor and recognition for her remarkable contributions as a local activist and community organizer in the DMV area. Her efforts span across various social causes that directly impact her community, highlighting her dedication to creating positive change.

Ary's advocacy work reflects her commitment to justice and equality. By actively promoting the decriminalization of marijuana, she strives for fair and sensible drug policies that can have a significant impact on individuals' lives, especially those disproportionately affected by drug-related offenses.

Her focus on female empowerment is essential in addressing gender inequality and promoting the rights and well-being of women. By advocating for marginalized families, Ary demonstrates her concern for those who face systemic challenges and need support the most. Her dedication to immigration reform is particularly commendable, as she works tirelessly to raise awareness and contribute to the efforts of reuniting children separated at the borders with their families.

Ary's co-founding and production of the Dia de los Muertos (DDLM) Benefit Festival showcases her creativity and ability to bring people together for a meaningful cause. Through art, music, education, and healing, she creates a platform that not only raises awareness but also generates funds to support reunification efforts. This initiative highlights her compassion and commitment to the well-being of immigrant communities.

As a co-host on the "Pedro Biaggi Show" and through her segment "Que Hacer Y A Donde Ir," Ary continues to empower activists locally and internationally. By shining a spotlight on community resources and key events, she strengthens the network of support for social causes and facilitates community engagement.

Additionally, Ary's upcoming TV show, "Cambios de Vida," demonstrates her dedication to advocating for immigrant and underserved communities. By utilizing media platforms, she aims to bring awareness and provide access to essential resources and opportunities that these communities often lack.

Overall, Ary's work as an activist and community organizer showcases her unwavering dedication to social justice, empowerment, and support for marginalized communities. Her efforts deserve honor and recognition as she continues to inspire others and create positive change in the DMV area.

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