By Elisa Parker, ERA Coalition Policy and Partnerships Team

Last Friday, more than 50 of our ERA Coalition partners who are leading the way on intersectional sex equality came together at Vital Voices, a Global Embassy for Women in Washington, D.C., as part of the 4-day art activation event Dendrofemonology: The Feminist History Tree Ring by artist Tiffany Shlain.  

First, we are especially grateful to Tiffany Shlain, Sawyer Steele, and rest of the Let it Ripple team for serving as catalysts to bring us all together. We’d also like to thank Vital Voices for hosting our Coalition and cocktail reception, the National Women’s History Museum, and ERA champion Dr. Nancy O’Reilly of Women Connect4Good.

Prior to our Friday afternoon ERA Coalition convening, our team met with youth leaders from Generation Ratify, Voters of Tomorrow, and Feminist Front. An intergenerational approach is critical to our success, and we look forward to new developments together.

Our three-hour interactive, intergenerational program, The Equal Rights Amendment: The Moment We Change Everything, included a panel discussion, featured speakers, and a breakout session to help co-create a unified message and vision of what the world looks like without gender discrimination and when the Equal Rights Amendment is published. We listened and learned about how we are all showing up within this movement of movements, and what that looks like for each of us.

A huge “thank you” to our featured panelists and speakers during our ERA Coalition convening, including: 

Ellie Smeal of Feminist Majority Foundation, Christian Nunes of NOW, Gloria Feldt of Take the Lead, Melanie Campbell of National Coalition of Black Civic Participation, Ella Duncan-High of Generation Ratify, Amy Hinojosa of MANA, A National Latina Organization, Sophia Armen of Feminist Front, Jessica Jones Capprell of League of Women Voters, Shermena Nelson of African-American Policy Forum, Samad Quraishi of Voters of Tomorrow, Lisa Sales of Virginia NOW, Jill Thompson of Equality Now, Krystal Leaphart of RH Impact, and Dr. Nancy O’Reilly of Women Connect4Good.

SAVE THE DATE: December 13, 2023, we are gathering together in Washington, D.C. for the 100th anniversary of the Equal Rights Amendment. We will meet in front of the White House at 12 p.m. and march to the National Archives and the U.S. Capitol, where we will then hold a press conference followed by a convening with special guests. You are essential to the movement and Coalition! This is the last 100 years we will wait for equality!

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