Have You Seen The Commercial?

If you haven't seen the latest Ford commercial, watch it here with us! First, you watch the commercial and you think..."a car, just for MEN?!" We were perplexed as well. Until you learn that they are being insanely creative (hat tip to Ford) at addressing the crucial car inventions and enhancements that we know and love today that have been invented by women.


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Bringing Women Front And Center

This commercial reigns supreme because it highlights some of the key car inventions that were created by women. What an excellent way to celebrate International Women's Day! The Ford Motor Company is showing how far we've come in celebrating the immense contributions of women in society with their new commercial. The ad illustrates how women everywhere are challenging gender stereotypes and shattering boundaries with their success and innovation. Through the use of a powerful message and strong visuals, Ford's commercial is a game-changer as it shines the light on the contributions of women to the automobile industry.

I mean, who wants to drive a car without windshield wipers, brakes, and turn signals right?

Not only does the commercial showcase the inventions that were created by women, but it also makes the viewer appreciate diversity in fields such as the automotive industry.

According to catalyst.org, women make up only 1/4 of the automotive workforce.

"Although Women Are Almost Half of the US Labor Force, They Represent Just Over One-Quarter of the Automotive Workforce."

- Catalyst.org

Ford's commercial is a powerful reminder of the importance of highlighting contributions by women, and sets the standard for other companies to follow and create more inclusive and inspiring campaigns. It opens up a whole new world for female representation and sends a clear message that no dream is too big for a woman to conquer.

Overall, Ford Motor Company's commercial is both inspiring and thought-provoking. It showcases some of the amazing things that women have achieved despite the obstacles and sends a powerful message about gender equality and female empowerment. With such a positive message and uplifting visuals, Ford's commercial is definitely something worth praising.

Don't you just love when you find out all the amazing things women have done and may not have even realized?

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