By Aryana Goodarzi

Want to confront colonialism with your bookcase? These are some must reads we have for Native American Heritage Month.

Heart Berries: A Memoir by Terese Marie Mailhot

“My story was maltreated. The words were too strong and ugly to speak. I tried to tell someone my story but he thought it was a hustle.”

- Terese Marie Mailhot

Written in short essays, Terese Mailhot tells her story how she wants to and needs to. As a woman, as a Native American woman, she scrapes at the depths of men, Native Americans, and white people. 

Owls Don’t Have to Mean Death by Chip Livingston

A book about being Creek and gay, Livingston carves out what a Two-Spirited Creek way of being and seeing looks like.

The Road Back to Sweetgrass by Linda LeGarde Grover 

This book is about three women from 1970 to now, and their struggles as Native Americans and women. Even if Native Americans are talked about, they are talked about by a White individual which is inherently diminishing of their stories. You may know of stories like theirs, but you don’t know them like this -- Grover captures the depths of systemic suffering.

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