I want to thank you for your commitment to equality. Despite this quite tumultuous year, the Equal Rights Amendment has moved closer than ever to reality. We believe 2021 will be a victorious year, 100 years in the making. No one ever said equality was easy work. 

I have been here at the Coalition since its beginning, six years ago--first as a board member and now as President and CEO. I do this work to honor my family, starting with my feminist grandfather, a Lowndes County, Alabama farmer who in the 1940's sent all nine of his daughters, one of them my mother, to college. The six boys stayed home to farm. The faith in his daughters led to the successive generations of strong, successful women flourishing throughout our whole family. Today there are hundreds of Billy Gardner's descendants still benefiting from his act of equality.

I also do this work for the future--for my grandchildren and every child in this country. They deserve an equal future, based on fundamental constitutional equality, no matter their sex or gender expression, color or ability. They deserve equal rights and equal protections.

I hope you will join me in supporting the Coalition's work by making a donation of any amount. We have so much to do next year, and we haven't a moment to spare.

With thanks, and in solidarity,

Please consider making a donation today to help us continue our work towards equality for all.

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