We are sending you our most sincere wishes for a safe and fair election tomorrow. As we have been saying, equality is on the ballot. An #EqualFuture is at stake. And the ERA is essential in guaranteeing it.

As you know, we produced the election tool that tells you where all Senate candidates up for election and all House of Representative candidates stand on the ERA. If you are voting tomorrow, use it to put pro-equality candidates into office. We will be updating it as winners are declared in the next days, so we will be able to assess the progress we've made. Thank you for everything you've done to support justice.

And save Friday, November 6th at 12n/ET for a post-election debriefing on the future of our country and the part the Equal Rights Amendment will play in it. Guests will be added over the next few days, but please reserve your spot now by registering here. We look forward to seeing you.

In Solidarity,

Carol Jenkins
Co-President and CEO
ERA Coalition

Please consider making a donation today to help us continue our work towards equality for all.

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