On this day of celebrating the contributions and sacrifices of our country’s Indigenous people, a day after celebrating Coming Out Day for the LGBTQI+ community, and the International Day of the Girl. All things we care deeply about.

On this day we are also watching the confirmation hearing of Judge Amy Coney Barrett in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Participating in those hearings, Senator Kamala Harris, Democratic candidate for Vice President of the United States. So much of what we care about is at stake here.

In the recent Vice Presidential Debate –as VP Pence repeatedly ran over is time and interrupted Harris, the problem was experienced by many not so much as a political one, but as (hopefully) the last vestige of patriarchy on display. The takeaway line from the event, Harris’s “I am speaking.” Then the President called her a “monster.”

As a Black woman in public life she has already endured attacks, smears, name-calling at an unprecedented level—as have other women of color.

In response, a group of Black women’s organizations, SistersUnited4Reform-- representing five million Black women-- drafted a letter of support to Kamala Harris. They represent sororities, social justice, and social organizations, and they begin by saying:

“Well, Black woman-to-Black woman, it’s time to have “the talk.” 

We are raising our collective, five million voices, to uplift and encourage you. The strength and power you represent puts fear in some. When you are demeaned and disrespected, all African American women are demeaned and disrespected. We will not let this continue without a response. 

To the rhetoric, “angry Black woman,” “monster,” and other derogatory epitaphs hurled at you, “We Got Your Back.” As any mother or sister-girlfriend would say to you and to those who would try to shut you down mentally, physically and spiritually, ignore the chatter.

You can read the entire letter here. And you can hear more about it at our Town Hall tonight.

Beverly Smith, President and CEO of the sorority Delta Sigma Theta, which has hundreds of thousands of members, is joining our Black Women Vote Town Hall tonight. We are so pleased that the Deltas are now members of the ERA Coalition.

We hope to see you tonight—and in the days ahead as we continue to fight for the things we care deeply about.

In Solidarity,

Carol Jenkins
Co-President and CEO
ERA Coalition

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