22222222Gold Stars to the Golden State

By Aryana Goodarzi

Earlier this Summer, the California Legislature passed two measures in response to the Equal Rights Amendment. SCR 92 directs the California Law Revision Commission to analyze the State’s laws for sex discrimination. “The California Women’s Law Center and the Feminist Majority thank State Senator Connie Leyva for carrying SCR 92 and securing its’ passage through the California Legislature,” says Betsy Butler, ERA Coalition partner and Executive Director of the law center.

The analysis will address any laws that are discriminatory on the basis of sex or have a discriminatory effect on the basis of sex in their application. The Commission will consult experts and interested parties as part of its process.

California is the first state in the nation to apply the 28th Amendment. Despite the legal questions surrounding the implementation of the ERA, every state should undertake a state law audit in keeping with Section 3 of the Equal Rights Amendment. Volunteers in Arizona undertook a similar review in 2020. Advocates in other states are also reviewing state laws on a pro bono basis.

Earlier in the legislative session, California also passed a bipartisan resolution affirming the 28th Amendment and calling on Congress to do the same. Sponsored by Senator Nancy Skinner, SCR 12 is similar to affirming resolutions introduced across the country, but again, California was the first to cross the line. The move was lauded by the bipartisan California Legislative Women’s Caucus.

@BetsyButlerLA: “At a time when the principle of gender equality remains contested in national debate, the passage of SCR 92 sends a clear message that California will uphold the equal rights of its citizens under the law regardless of sex–not merely by word but also by deed.”

ERA Coalition cheers the success of coalition partners California Women’s Law Center and Feminist Majority! To learn more about an audit for your state, contact stateoutreach@eracoalition.org